1.3 Slashing


Slashing is when a large portion of a validator's stake is removed from the network. This usually happens when a validator breaks the rules that are designed to prevent attacks on the network. Being slashed means that the validator will be forced to exit the beacon chain at some point in the future, receiving penalties until it does so.

Reading List

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the concept of slashing in Eth2.

  • Knowledge of the slashing process and how a validator would get slashed.

Key Points

  • Validators

    • Equivalent to miners on Eth 2.0

    • Earn rewards in the form of interest on their staked ether that helps to produce new blocks on the blockchain.

  • Slashing Events

    • Penalties given by the network in order to deter users from launching malicious attacks.

    • Slashing events can cause the subjected users to lose up to all of their 32 Eth stake.

Review Questions

  • Why would a validator node would get slashed?

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