3.4 Personal Hardware Setup


If you want to stake your ETH and earn as many rewards as possible you need to ensure that your node is running properly. To do so all of the hardware requirements must be met and upheld to ensure that the node continues to run properly, validating transactions. The main components are operating system, processor, memory, and storage.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand what is required to run a node properly

Reading List

Key Points

  • Operating system requirements

    • 64-bit Linux, Mac OS X 10.14+, Windows 64-bit

  • Processor requirements

    • Minimum passmark score of 2500 or greater

    • Recommended passmark score of 5000 or greater

  • Memory requirements

    • Minimum 8GB RAM

    • Recommended 16GB RAM

  • Storage requirements

    • Minimum 20 GB

    • Recommended 100 GB and greater

Review Questions

  • What are the hardware minimum requirements to stake?

  • What are the hardware recommended requirements to stake?

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